Amadeus Guo

Senior Front-End Engineer

Amadeus Guo is a front-end engineer from China. In his career, he has built various types of projects from websites to single page apps and mobile. Mostly he codes in javascript for front-end and nodejs at work. He's also fluent in python, go and enjoy full stack programming.


  1. Javascript
  2. ES6/Typescript
  3. React/angular/Backbone/jQuery/Dojo
  5. Gulp/Grunt


  1. Python
  2. nodejs
  3. Go
  4. HTTP
  5. algorithm
  6. pyramid/django
  7. mysql/mongodb/redis


  1. Photoshop/Illustrator

Technical Skills

  1. Over 5 years of experience in web development.
  2. Expert skills in javascript (Vanilla or library), HTML, CSS.
  3. Efficient backend programming skills with python, go, nodejs.
  4. Self-motivated and rapid learner on new techniques.
  5. Good graphics design skills and discerning eyes on pixels and UX.

Work Experience

  1. GF Securities - Shen Zhen, China Senior Frontend engineer
    2015 - Present
    GF Securities is one of the first full service investment banks and integrated securities brokerage in China. Since 1994, GF Securities has confidently maintained its place as one of the top ten domestic dealers, currently operating 249 business divisions in China, Hong Kong, London, and Canada.

    Key accomplishments

    1. Architected and implemented a next generation securities trade app. Features are shipped as plugins, ensuring loose coupling between different parts. App is written in ES6, react, d3, compiled with babel and webpack using gulp and run inside electron container. Protobuf over websocket is used as realtime data fetching mechanism. App is written once, distributed for mac, windows, chrome app platforms.
    2. Reusable UI components from our app were put into a separate react UI library and maintained on github.
    3. Implemented a secure password input control using NaCl and PPAPI on chrome. It works in tandem with a chrome extension I wrote for user authentication. The extension gathers system information using chrome native messaging.
    4. Chose technology stack, worked on coding standards and provided the UI engineering team with technical leadership.
    5. Worked on a team angularjs 2.0 book.
  2. Tencent - Shen Zhen, China Senior Frontend engineer
    2012 - 2015
    Tencent, Inc. ( is the leading provider of internet value-added services in China.

    Key accomplishments

    1. Full stack development on an entrepreneurial mobile social app Average DAU 1M. Frontend is developed using backbone, requirejs, zepto as a single page app. Backend service aggregates async RPC calls to our microservices and is developed using nodejs, express, mysql.
    2. Developed various high profile HTML5 apps hosted in QQ (user feeds, user profile, group creation, etc). Average DAU 1~10M. Apps were written with modular javascript, communicating with backend via ajax. Various techniques were used for optimization to decrease page load time.
    3. Created an innovative reverse proxy debugger Blackhole for front end development using python, which makes mobile debugging as easy as scanning a QRCode.
  3. Xunlei - Shen Zhen, China Frontend engineer
    2011 - 2012
    Project ark from xunlei was a web2.0 service for content sharing in the cloud.

    Key accomplishments

    1. Worked on a social content sharing website. Javascript/jQuery is used for retrieving data from backend service via ajax/json/jsonp, UI rendering and various UI effects.
    2. Developed jQuery plugins for reusable UI widgets.
    3. Created flash photo viewer and tag cloud using actionscript.
    4. Developed a few python scripts for easy workflow with backend services.
  4. JinYuanDian - Bei Jing, China Designer
    2005 - 2008
    JinYuanDian was an entrepreneurial business that mainly focus on publishing in cooperation with HEP (High Education Press). Here I worked on scientific illustration. It was an interesting job that combines art and science to create illustrations.

    Key accomplishments

    1. Worked on designs and scientific illustrations for several high profile textbook. Artworks are painted using photoshop, illustrator and a wacom tablet.
    2. Collaborated with professors from several universities to convey scientific concept into vision.


  1. Sep 2008 - Jul 2011
    Masster of Cell Biology Sichuan University, China
  2. Sep 2001 - Jul 2005
    Bachelor of Science Sichuan University, China


I like reading on new technologies, new programming languages, new ideas, algorithm, machine learning etc, and I have a great passion on that.

But truth be told, tech is only part of me. I also like violin, graphics design, cooking. Art and science are my left hand and right hand.